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Intercom System Installers, Doncaster & Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Door Station & Telephone Handset Intercom Systems by Castle Security

Intercom systems are basically a form of communicating between two points much like a telephone. At the door station (usually located outside a building) the visitor calls the occupant by pressing the call button causing the telephone handset within the building to ring, upon lifting the handset two way speech is allowed.

Where the intercom system is integrated into an access control system the doors electric lock or lock release mechanism can be activated by pressing a button usually located on the telephone base.

In the case of multiple dwellings such as a block of apartments the number of the apartment you wish to call is entered into the door station and only the telephone in that location rings.

Additional facilities can be activated by the telephone handset such as lighting or automated gates.

Equipment Descriptions

Door Station – unit usually fitted externally adjacent to the entrance door and incorporates call button(s), microphone and speaker unit. Combined intercom and access control units may have a 0-9 keypad or card / fob reader integrated into the unit.

Telephone Handset – usually wall mounted but desk mounted options are available and incorporates a lock release button in the base.

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