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Security Lighting Installers in Conisbrough, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

LED Floodlights, Bulkhead Light Fitting, PIR Detector & Dusk to Dawn Photocell by Castle Security

Security lighting in Doncaster is still regarded as a deterrent to would be thieves. External security lighting can be controlled in a variety of ways; manually switched on and off using a typical light switch, automatically switched on at dusk and off at dawn using a photocell device, automatically switched on upon detection of movement across the field of view of a passive infra-red movement detector and off after a pre-determined time.

With the evolution of LED lighting, the cost to run high output flood lights is now negligible compared to its halogen predecessor.

Security lighting in Conisbrough isn’t just for outdoors - devices such as time clock’s can activate lighting within the house to give the impression someone is at home even when the house is empty.

Equipment Descriptions

LED Floodlight – a high output fitting best sited at high level for optimum coverage

Bulkhead Light Fitting – a compact lower output fitting usually sited at low level such as above doorways

PIR Detector – Passive Infra-Red detector for automatically activating lights upon detection of movement

Dusk to Dawn Photocell – A device which automatically switches on lights at night fall and off at day break

View External Security LED
External Security LED
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Security light with alarm
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Security light with camera
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Security Lighting, Doncaster